Letter from a Scholarship Recipient

Dear Donor,

I am in Year 10 and this is my second year at St Peters. I was so happy when I was given the opportunity to write this letter as I truly believe in paying it forward and that one day I too will be able to offer support to another potential student in the future seeking to study at St Peters. So I would like to share with you this letter of thanks and appreciation for allowing me to study at my school of St Peters. Firstly i want to acknowledge your ongoing support of St Peter’s School, which I’m so honored and fiercely proud to be a part of. Without your support of scholarship students like myself would not have the opportunity to walk these great hallways and to receive the quality of education St Peters has to offer.

I have 7 siblings so finances are often very tight especially after my mother lost her battle with cancer and my dad sometimes struggles now that he raises us on his own. I am thankful for what we have so from this I acknowledge and appreciate the many opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of your support. St Peter’s is also special because my fellow pupils and teachers are kind and compassionate, and we’ve already developed lifelong friendships. 

Your financial contribution has helped not just myself but my family’s wellbeing everyday by eliminating potential rising debt and worry. So your financial support has allowed me to focus on my schooling which is very important to me. Please know that all my achievements and efforts here at St Peters will be a reflection of your direct support, shown through my conduct for myself and towards others, my ethics, my pride for my School and student body, for our faculty, our admin, all the further support teams, and on the Netball and Volleyball stage and my personal goals to continue to be a Waikato Netball Rep whilst representing proudly St Peter’s.

Again I would like to thank you for your generosity and support. I will work hard in all areas of my learning and strive for success so that someday i too will create an opportunity to pass on the same gift you have given me, so that they can become all that they can be and change a life like you have changed mine. Thank you and God bless.

Gratefully yours

Sade, St Peter’s Year 10 student and scholarship recipient

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