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Since its inception, St Peter’s has been the grateful recipient of philanthropy. It has enabled the school to thrive. Arthur Broadhurst personally offered numerous scholarships to allow boys from the district to attend St Peter’s, and in 1939 he generously gifted the school to the St Peter’s Trust Board, affording generations of future students the opportunity to experience a world-class education in New Zealand.

All gifts to the St Peter’s Foundation will be valued and acknowledged. St Peter’s recognises the generosity of donors through a number of donor recognition tactics, including publicity, donor recognition circles, Foundation membership, named endowments, honours boards, invitations to stewardship events and annual report listings. Permission to publicly recognize a donor and his/her gift is assumed.

There are seven donor recognition levels at St Peters, which correspond to Foundation membership options. Gifts, and cumulative giving of $5,000 and upwards, automatically qualifies donors for membership to the Foundation. Cumulative giving totals will enable donors to progress to higher giving circles and membership levels. The donor recognition circles include endowment donors. Bequest donors will be made members of the St Peter’s Legacy Society; when a bequest is realised they will be moved to the appropriate recognition circle.

Principal’s Circle – Gifts of $100,000

Director’s Circle – Gifts of $40,000

Fellow’s Circle – Gifts of $15,000

Member’s Circle – Gifts of $5,000

The 1936 Club – Gifts of $1,936 per annum

Friends of St Peter’s – Gifts of $25 per annum

The St Peter’s Legacy Society – Bequests

It is with the deepest gratitude that we honour and salute our generous supporters who ensure that the legacy of a visionary education in the heart of the Waikato continues in perpetuity.

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