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St Peter’s has an enviable campus, from state of the art classrooms, to a fully functioning demonstration farm, vineyards, equestrian centre and beehives. However, St Peter’s needs to expand, upgrade and develop some key learning facilities that will enable us to offer even more valuable authentic learning opportunities in preparation for the changing nature of the workforce. The BEC Entrepreneurship Programmes are one such project.  St Peter’s has a bold, audacious ambition to become the premier secondary school entrepreneurship incubator in New Zealand. We will do this by offering our students the opportunity to learn and experiment in all areas of the primary sector value-add process, from harvesting through to R&D, processing, marketing and sales – and in multiple agribusiness areas such as dairy, viticulture, apiculture, food technology, equine and environmental sustainability. These are exactly the sectors where, with technological innovation, New Zealand’s future economic prosperity lies.

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