A Message from the Foundation Chairperson


St Peter’s is founded on philanthropy, and its success stems from its close ties to the community. Arthur Broadhurst personally offered numerous scholarships to allow boys from the district to attend St Peter’s. And in 1939 he generously gifted the school to the St Peter’s Trust Board, affording generations of future students the opportunity to experience a world-class education in New Zealand.

Back in 2000 the St Peter’s School Trust Board had the foresight to form a Foundation and invited me and interested supporters to assist. The Foundation was established to ensure that St Peter’s would always have the financial means to remain independent. To achieve this we work closely with the St Peter’s Trust Board, staff, alumni and parents association. We have raised funds for capital projects like the swimming pools and new Junior Block. The reason I agreed to come on to the Foundation, and have remained on it since, is that I believe the school offers outstanding opportunities for the all-round education of those who attend. The school was founded in 1936 thanks to the generosity of Arthur Broadhurst and has continued to grow because of the generosity, both in time and money, of those who have followed. Many St Peter’s students have gone on to become leaders in New Zealand and globally, in sports, public service, business, farming, science, medicine and arts and culture. The Foundation is a way of ensuring that this tradition of excellence continues. I would urge you to consider joining and assisting us.


Neil McLaughlin, Chairperson
St Peter’s School Foundation

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