A Message from the Foundation Chairperson

St Peter’s was founded on the generosity and vision of Arthur Broadhurst. Upon this base, the generosity of past generations has provided the excellent learning environment that we take so much for granted today. It is fundamental to the continuing excellence of St Peter’s in providing the very best opportunities for our young people, to continue this tradition of giving.

In order to enable this the St Peter’s School Foundation was launched in 2002 and is now an integral part of the school family bringing together current, past and future supporters.

Many ‘wise heads’ went into ideas to set the Foundation up. These included the then St Peter’s Trust Board Chair, Simon Makgill and deputy chair, Sue Wrigley. The Foundation’s primary objective was to provide an entity in which donors could feel confident that their philanthropy was being well-managed and used for the benefit of St Peter’s and our young students.

Our ‘wise heads’ established two key points which they believed were necessary to gain the trust of donors and give the Foundation credibility. They are;
  1. The independence of the Foundation from both the School Hierarchy and the School Trust Board.
  2. and to build and maintain an enduring capital fund to support the financial independence of St Peter’s School.
This enables the Foundation to raise and distribute funds without any unwanted directions from outside, ensures donors that their donations are used for their donated purpose only and that the capital raised remains sacrosanct with contributions to the school being funded from income derived from the capital base. The ability of the Foundation to provide an increasing number of part or full scholarships goes a long way to enabling St Peter’s school to remain independent and continue to be a centre of excellence.

If St Peter’s School is to remain at the forefront of student education and lead through innovation, independence and excellence then it is our responsibility to continue this tradition of giving.

Chris Saville

St Peter’s School Foundation
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