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Anyone that has ever been associated with St Peter’s will appreciate the educational opportunities that it offers to young New Zealanders of all ages. At St Peter’s, we ‘grow great young people’ in a unique environment. This is what makes St Peter’s so special. A culture of excellence and positive attitude characterises our school, and success is celebrated. A strong sense of place and community, based on our Anglican foundation, provides the values for a thriving, happy place of learning in body, mind and spirit. Our alumni network throughout the world are leaders in their chosen fields of expertise, be it sport, public service, business, farming, arts and culture, science, medicine, banking, law, finance and tertiary education. From beginners to the highest level, we thrive in our world class facilities, and we are committed to a sustainable future.

St Peter’s success stems from its close ties to community. Arthur Broadhurst personally offered numerous scholarships to allow boys from the district to attend St Peter’s. And in 1939 he generously gifted the school to the St Peter’s Trust Board, affording generations of future students the opportunity to experience a world-class education in New Zealand. Alumni, students, parents and teachers have continued this legacy by building a school that embraces educational excellence and service-led leadership. As a result, St Peter’s students have gone on to become leaders in New Zealand and globally, in sports, public service, business, farming, science, medicine and arts and culture.

Continuing the St Peter’s legacy is a worthy endeavour. But as in the past, it requires the efforts of the whole St Peter’s community. It is our deepest hope that you would consider becoming a supporter of St Peter’s. All gifts have meaningful impact, has shown by one of our scholarship recipients.

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